Where You Dey Carry Your Fat Self Dey Go???

I have been trying for a while now to drop some of this unwholesome pounds I have piled on,and yay!! I have dropped some with more to go.
I was feeling all fly and went for a wedding that saturday with old friends,and boy,it was splendid! I had a wonderful time… But err,someone said something in jest that set d wheels of musings turning in my head. She said ‘where you dey carry your fat self dey go”???

I know she was joking and meant no harm but when I heard it I was like “huh??”
I didn’t feel bad because I have built my self-esteem and confidence over the years(*shashays around) but it made me think;What about the one that’s still struggling with their body image? What will they feel when they hear such remarks,even though it was said in jest?

I have also been in a place where someone just spat out “is that so so and so? She looks so fat and ugly!” I wasn’t the one she was referring to but it was like a slap in the face!

I think there is a reason why the Bible says- “Let only such words as are wholesome and good for self-edification pass through ur lips”
The tongue should only say such words that will edify others even in jest.
Words resound long after they are spoken,you never know whether that person was the butt of crude jokes before you said yours and bam! They will commit suicide after yours(lol,that’s a long stretch sha o)but d whole gist of the matter is let us guard our tongues,don’t run another down even in jest.

Think before you spit!
Sorry,I meant think before you speak!

The Bible says guard your heart,for out of it flows the issues of life..
Well this one is important too(my own version)
“Guard ur tongue,because out of the tongue cometh words of Life”
They can either make or break another. I pray you chose to make it do the former…

Have a splendid week people.Xoxo.


7 comments on “Where You Dey Carry Your Fat Self Dey Go???

  1. True tho.words can hurt.but since we both know pple won’t stop talking,how abt getting pple to train themselves into pple who words like dat won’t even give dem cause to worry?nice write up tho.thumbs up on d blog.


  2. Thanks Tierrah and Teggie.#smiles…
    @Tierrah,people will always talk and d truth too is some of them don’t even know when they do it,not everyone know d power their tongues hold.to such,we must educate.both education on having a tough skin and checking our words should go hand in hand though,for maximum effect..lol


  3. Nice work dear.words hurt and most people enjoy using them since words seem to be the cheapest destructive weapon.We just gotta always put on our strongest shield;self confidence,strong will and faith in God.Thumbs up dear!!


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