I “ALMOST” fell in Love with him UNTIL….

Hot innit??

Hot innit??

Imagine loosing that hunk of a guy above?that’s what happened to me…
I was sitting jejely on my own when this foine specie of a man walked in.I didn’t mind not having a man before he came o,he just came to unnecessarily disrupt my little world.The guy was fine! Tall(I am sure even in heels he’ll still be taller than me),dark(I love dark guys),and he was more than handsome! The features on his face were looking like perfect work of art! Mhen(*fans self) God finish work.I was almost in Love with him,I had already imagined our wedding,our honeymoon,our three perfect kids,how we will be playing lovey dovey and even how we’ll be when we grow old together;yes,in the space of 5minutes my mind was already in overdrive.don’t blame me o,if I am sure you’d do same if na you.And I was also extremely happy because he had been “cutting eyes” at me.Life couldn’t be more perfect yeah?…well,that was until he opened his mouth to speak….


My heart shattered into a thousand pieces.Dreams of a lifetime just dropped like that.hummmph!
You see,two things happened when he spoke;
(1)The “aroma” from his mouth killed me&brought me back to life.
(2)Mr hunk’s “engrish” gave me the goose bumps.
DOUBLE DISASTER for me that day.

I want to plead with all of us today,guys and girls included.Don’t shatter another person’s heart when you speak like mine did to me.its not their fault that they fell for you,pls help them help their selves,don’t scar them for life.
I leave you with two solutions:start taking care of your mouth,brush well,brush your tongues,use mouthwash,see a dentist infact do all the do-able to remove the “aroma of life” from ur mouth and if you know your mouth is susceptible to smell(douse) easily,always carry sweets laced with mints.the second solution will take a little more time sha,go back to learning the basics on speaking good English.You remember the Queens English book we used way back,pick it up again,there’s no harm in doing that.Ask your friends too for anything you aren’t sure of and ofcourse,google is your friend.
Till you inculcate these sha,you can just say yes,no and only your name when approached by someone who fancies you.So as not to shatter hearts unecessarily,trust me,getting over it takes time.Pls don’t do this to us.

Ok,Bye! Have a splendid day!


8 comments on “I “ALMOST” fell in Love with him UNTIL….

  1. 9c post,smtin lyk dis happnd 2 me 2.met dis tall handsome guy,he cud speak well buh he had mouth odour n his teeth wasn’t 9c @ all.wats wit dese fyn guys n mouth odour?is nt brushn dia mouth d new in tin?


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