Ewww! He Loves Me too Much!!

I just watched Tyler Perry’s-Confessions Of A Marriage Counsellor;yes I know,I am terribly late,(school did not let me watch it,its been on my phone for ages).The reviews I got from others weren’t too good but as for me,it set some alarms ringing in my brain…What is it with Girls and the bad Guy factor???
I mean,we spend so much time praying to God for a God-fearing man that loves the Lord,a man that believes in no pre-marital sex before marriage,that is gentle and cares about us a whole lot.A man that will help us turn our dreams into a reality,A man that will practically be at our beck and call…and when we find him we drop him in a flash!
We prefer that bad ass guy that isn’t a Christian like us and tries his best to keep us far away from God and all church related activities,the one with tatoos,the one that treats us like trash,the one that beats us anytime we misbehave,the one that tells us we must have sex with him for the relationship to go on,the one we have countless abortions for,the one that doesn’t give a hoot about our dreams and aspirations,the one that runs us down any chance he gets…

I heard of a girl that dumped her fiancé,reason being that,”He loved her too much,He was too nice and did anything she wanted him to do”.
This is just one of the many bizarre cases.
I am really confused as to why this is so? Is it that the bad guys have more “swag” as they say and the good ones are no fun at all? Or are our emotions drawn towards the one that treat us bad because of our hormones? Are we attracted/addicted to pain?

I am in a deep quagmire trying to figure out the reason for this seeming anomaly.
Pls help me out.Do you know any good guy this happened to?pls do share.And also drop your two cents as to why you think this happens,it’ll be really appreciated…

The big question...

The big question…


2 comments on “Ewww! He Loves Me too Much!!

  1. Most Women(95percent)are complicated and confused beings who do not even understand themselves or know what they want.they cry 4 nice guys but run with d bad guy bcuz they dnt know what they want so d simple solution is,define urself.as a lady,understand urself first,know what u want in life that way,u’ll know who u shld stick with instead of test running any guy that comes ur way.most importantly,we shld work on our personal relationship with God,put God first b4 any man.Let God be ur guard.** pls note however that d fact that a lady prays 4 a nice guy does not mean she is praying 4 a fool.Most of us want a man,sm1 who can truly be d head and at d same time very nice and understanding not a puppet so to those ‘crazy in love’ guys out there,yeah love us but dnt loose ur dignity and ego as a man.love us but we dnt want u to be our puppet.Be d man who loves but can also be in charge as a man.


  2. @Sandra,d truth is even those you think know themselves and carry themselves with dignity have one ragmuffin of a boyfriend dat treats them like trash and they don’t want to leave.its a puzzle to me for real..u r right there,women want a man that can be in charge as much as he loves them too,maybe that’s where d love of bad guys stem from.the bad guys lord it over them and takes charge and control of their lives but its always done in excess.where does d love still arise from? *me sef I don’t know*


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