Hold On! Hold On! Hold On!

What makes a great sucess story? The challenge of the struggle-therein lies the victory…
I know it seems like you’ll never make it.
I know it seems like your end won’t be glorious.
I know it seems like the crooks are taking it all.
I know it seems like you are toiling day in and day out with nothing to show for it.
I know it seems like ur sweat falls to the ground each day with no result…

But hang in there sweetie.
Never lose ur hope.
Its all u have left.
The minute you believe that nothing good will come from it all,that’s the moment u fail.
Your hope,ur faith in a beautiful end is all u have left.
Just as Gold must pass through fire for it to become gold,so also are you being tried.And if you hold on,you’ll come out victorious at d end.
Remember,greater is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.

So we’ll reach forth again for that future that receeds before us.
It may elude us now,but no matter.
Tomorrow we’ll run faster,we’ll stretch forth our arms farther and we’ll get there.

Hold on.
Keep Keeping On.
#It Can Only Get Better.


2 comments on “Hold On! Hold On! Hold On!

  1. God always proves Himself faithful to His children dat are ready 2 put d totality of their trust in Him. He wants us 2 believe in Him in d face of impossibilities. He’s lukin 4 dthose who will trust Him foolishly, jst lyk a child; those who will drop their challenges @ His feet n leave dem der. God does things beyond d human understanding, n if we r ready to trust Him completely, He will not let us down. God is awesome!


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