It all depends on you...

It all depends on you…

I remember that conversation from 11years ago like it was yesterday.

They:What’s ur name?
They:how old are u?
I told them.
They:ah,you are so young o,how come?
Me:I skipped pry 5&6,I wrote the entrance exams from pry 4.
They:Ah! It will affect you o!tell your Dad to allow you go back to primary school.You won’t do well here if you don’t go back to finish Primary school o.
And thus began the series of my thoughts of failure…
I remember crying to my Dad to let me go back to Primary school,he adamantly refused.He said it didn’t matter.He reminded me that I excelled more than those that wrote the exams from Primary 6 and all my teachers thought that I didn’t need Pry 5&6.
But I was still heartbroken.I still sincerely thought that I would fail.
That same session,I was taken by a male teacher to show to all my peers(most of whom finished pry 6) to tell them that I was the best in his course.
I didn’t fail for once in that school,I have never failed up until now,I excelled!
I wont say that I have never doubted myself after that episode but it has taught me a valuable lesson.

People will say anything,do anything,(sometimes even unconsciously,without them knowing it) that can make you doubt yourself&can bring you down.its left for you to determine which of the things they say really applies to you.
I know now that I can achieve whatever I want to with God’s help.
I know now that God will use me to achieve even greater things.
I know now that He even has more in store for me.
I know now that age,strenght or hustling do not really matter,all I really need is God’s grace to take me places.

The Question remains,do you know all these?
People will call u different things in your life,most of them below what you really stand for.They will give their opinions as to what you cant/can do…its left for you to decide who you really are.its left for you to decide what your capabilities are.
As for me,I do know that there are no limits to my capabilities.
I know that I can do ALL things through Christ that strenghtens me.
I chose to answer to sucess.
I chose to answer to the name that best describe(s) my capabilities.No more,no less.
Do You???

Have a fabulous week people!
Live,Laugh And Love.

“The People And You”…


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