Speak It Forth With Me…

Hello dearies!
I didn’t think that I’d post anything today.
I had already written something and bc(d) to my bbm contacts for today but I saw this and oh,I just had to share!

Uniqueisil commented on a post here and on clicking her avatar,I saw a phrase that struck me,infact,it more than struck me!

It says-;“I Refuse To Be Just Another Number Of Female Statistics!!!”

Do you get what that means??
Like do you really get it??

I feel like bursting in tongues.

You do know that there are a lot of females in this World,infact,some studies posit that females are more than men.

But that statement Is saying;
Yes,females plenty oo…
I refuse to be another number that’s just in the crowd!

I can’t just sit like that and be just another statistics in a census!
My number has to count for something!
My number has to mean something!

Are u getting the rhema???
Your number has to spread forth that light!
You know?
That Light that God has created in you,your number has to shine it forth!

Your number’s light has to spread forth the light to other numbers not to be just mere statistics and to let their number stand for something too!(Hope you got that)
Your Number has to touch other numbers!

I am dancing around as I write right now!

Come on!
Say it with me!
Work towards it with me!
Believe it with me!
Speak it forth with me!


Happy New Month People!
Do Let Your Heart Be Merry!
God’s still got us even at this near-end of the year.

PS:watch out for my post on relationships tomorrow,I’ll be sharing a real life issue that I think that most single ladies like me,think about more often than not.

And err,my male readers nor vex o,I’ll have an inspiration for a post specifically for you guys soon.so nor envy the ladies.hehehhe

Gotta run,late for induction already.
Hastalavista Dearies!


6 comments on “Speak It Forth With Me…

  1. Hehehe.fire is an understatement sef o.this struck home!God’s Grace is sufficient though…
    Err,I shared ur site 2my contacts o,so many God bless u Frances for sharing have been coming to me,1even change pm to “God’s in the midst of her…”,d gist is God bless u more inthe,and continue to use u for His glory IJN,amen!
    Thank u,thank u,for ur comments.


  2. We all have unique purposes on earth, if we discover and pursue it, there is no way we will be just another number!
    Great post Frances! Very inspirational! And thanks for coming by Teshuva!


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