Aneehlah And The Matter…

I was sitting by the roadside opposite Eko Hotels,close to those “mishai”(I don’t know the correct spelling)or indomie sellers by 3am on Monday Morning(don’t ask me what I was doing there,and I will tell you no can guess though)
Seated some distance away from me was a girl amongst the guys and she was drinking and bazzing(isn’t that what they call smoking?) Like no man’s business.
I wasn’t that shocked at the smoking thingy,afterall,lots of girls don dey carry that leg.

I was alarmed though,at the kind of words that were spewing forth out of her mouth.
All sorts of foul words that I definitely cannot repeat here so it doesn’t desecrate the sanctity of this blog.

So,you can imagine my“shocking shock” at seeing one of those type of words on one of my younger cute,pretty friend’s pm on bbm.



I quickly typed one long message like that and sent to her.
Here’s what I wrote…

“And when I see pretty elegant ladies like you swearing with “f or (p words in ur case”), I feel like smashing the devil that makes u think its alright.
Why o why,will a beautiful soul like you be using such words?your words are supposed to align with the way you look;Sweet and giving grace to all who hear/ see what you write/say.
Pls Aneehlah,biko,it doesn’t suit you.
We are of class,we are not agbero gals.we talk/ write with class.
Change it pls.
Cranky/not watch it dear,an impression is being formed in d mind of others.
There are other classy,decent ways to express your anger with words.
Doh,just make the necessary changes.”

And that’s the absolute truth.
Our words are to give grace and benefit all who hear it(Ephesians 4:29)
Our tongues should hold the law of kindness.
Our words should align with the beauty on our faces.

So I am sharing this(with Aneehlah’s permission to use her matter) to beg us all.
You may feel that you know what’s up by all the “f and p words” you use and you feel those guys hail you because you must be sophisticated if you use such languages right?
But no!
They go behind your back and say what they really think of you.
Which is,a razz babe that talks anyhow.
It doesn’t matter how fine you are,you speak with foul languages and you are just like a pig with gold on its nose(no offence intended,its just the way it is)

In Law,reputation and character matters a lot.
So also it is in real life matters.
A lady’s character(including the words she speaks,matters a lot.
I am sure that being a “razz” girl on the loose with foul words is not the kind of reputation you want to be known for.(See this- )

We are not “agberos”.
We are not touts or girlfriends of touts.
We are virtuous/aspiring virtuous women.
We belong to a royal priesthood…
A chosen generation…
We are queens and God’s princesses…
Queens and princesses don’t spew out trashy words from their mouths.
They represent their father wella and all that they do including their words give glory to Him.

May God help us all as we make the necessary changes.

Btw,see what she wrote when I told her to change her PM.
She took diplomacy to a higher level.
I so laughed my head off when I saw it…

kai,dis gal's a case!

kai,dis gal’s a case!

Hastalavista Dearies!


10 comments on “Aneehlah And The Matter…

  1. Lol @ diplomatic manner she used…. Nice 1 babes! Words re never wasted, dey re alwyz working 4 u or against u – Paula White


  2. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”
    Since we can’t read other people’s minds, the premise of a person’s worth is established from his words. We really need to watch what we say! I guess that’s why its called ‘Watch-Word’… Nice piece E.F!

    P.s: Na ‘Mai-shai’ LoL


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