He Is Big Enough. Are You?

Have you ever wanted something that seemed so big?
That loomed so large?
That seemed so impossible,you doubt if you can get it?
You imagine what joy it’ll be IF you can get it but it still seems like it’ll pass you by.

I’ve felt that way and still feel that way.
I want that achievement so bad but I am also so scared.
Is it possible to achieve the seemingly impossible?
Can it really be done?

ButHannah got her heart desire…
David ascended to the throne despite the huge obstacles…
And Sarah laughed again…
We know all this,but why are we still so scared?
Then why does this hurdle seem like it can’t be surpassed?

I know all about Phillipians 4:13.
I know that nothing is too hard for my Beautiful Father to do.

But why do I still shake in my boots when I think of this dream that I want to come to reality???

The truth is,the problem is not with our knowledge of God or with God,the problem is with me,with you,with us.

Do we,can we dare to believe in that dream?
Can we dare to have faith in God?
God is ever ready to do all that we ask of Him,He is with us always,but are we with Him?

Is your faith limiting God or giving Him room to work on your behalf?
Do you believe that as Sarah laughed again,you too will laugh again?
Remember,without faith,it is impossible to please God.

Our God is big enough.
Is your faith big enough?
Are you big enough?

Come on!
Rise up with me!
Enough of the doubts!
Dare to believe again!
Dare to have faith in our Loving Father again!

Yes He can!
Yes He will!
Yes,He is working for you!

Let’s work for ourselves too.
It is achievable,it is doable,it can indeed happen!
You are not asking for too much,Baba can do exceedingly above that which you even ask or even think.

Dream it.
Believe it.
Work it.
Faith it.
Speak it!

Remember,Impossible is Nothing!
Possible Is Everything!

Ps:Happy New Month Everyone!
And just in case you are complaining that the year is coming to an end and God hasn’t done anything for you, just remember that some didn’t live to see this Month,but you have life,and that is everything.
And It doesn’t matter how long it takes,just keep believing in your dream.
You will laugh again Dear.
You will laugh again.

PPS-(like one of my fav bloggers would say)
Happy Married Life to Fab E!
Now Mrs E Olojo.
God bless,bless,and bless your union dear,and may your home remain fab yo!

*awww* So cute...

*awww* So cute…

Beautiful “E”…

And err,for those vexing that monday haff reach again,this is to release your jaws small make you laugh,port to–» http://homeofhumor.com

Happy New Week People!
Much Love!


13 comments on “He Is Big Enough. Are You?

  1. I am big, I dream big and My God is bigger than any dream I can have. He is the one who puts the desire in me and He will accomplish it as I take the necessary step of faith. Hallelujah!!! Great post!


  2. Like my bestie said to that PEACE picture…
    ‘PEACE OUT to the world. Pasor Bolaji has claimed his property…’
    Thanks hun…
    Mega thanks
    I too will celebrate you
    And thanks Missy Tee


  3. Exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond -Nothing is impossible for Him to do. Today, I will ask big cos He’s big enough (Thanks for such a timely message, Frances). Congrats o Mrs E – Wishing her all the best!


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