Greater Is Coming!

I had a conversation with a friend on December 31st and amongst other things, she said…

All my Beautiful Father's handwork...

All my Beautiful Father’s handwork…

And I said “tis all God, all God”
The word(Bible passages) I had been reading/ songs I had been listening to that day revolved around what I felt after this conversation. The word for the year was rolling in my spirit but I didn’t really tune in to it.
I went on Hannah’s blog, saw the word again and the certainty in my spirit was so strong.
This was it,this was the word for 2014.

Then PastorChris confirmed it with the theme for the year on January first.
He read Joshua 3:7…

You see the word already?

You see the word already?

I had already scrolled to the version that had the word I needed
when I heard him say this is OUR (MY) YEAR OF GREATNESS.
I was awed at our God.
Nope, there’s no coincidence with God, He orchestrates it all to get the message to us.

I wasn’t telling lies when I told my friend above that it was the God in me that changed me, but what I didn’t say that was in my spirit was the fact that God wasn’t done with me yet.

I see it!!!

I see it!!!

And those new things God will do?
All greater things!
In this 2014, not later, not in years to come, in this day, he will make me great!

And what was I hearing all along? GREATER!
Not just the mere word greater but I was hearing the deep meanings therein and it was saying loud and clear:
“You think God has raised you up from where you once were and you are amazed?
Just you wait, there are GREATER things ahead!
You say the one you were can’t recognize the one you are now?
I aint even started with you yet.”



Your greater is coming!
Greater jobs!
Greater businesses!
Greater career opportunities!
Greater academics!
Greater relationships!
Greater marriages!
Greater annointing!
Just you name it?
Greater all round blessings!
This is our year of Greatness!
Greater is coming!
We are going places baby!

And there was me!

And there was me!

I aint moved by what I see now, all I hear is greater!
Greater things for my life!
Greater things for your life!
I hope you hear it too…

Happy Blessed, Amazing, Awesome New Year Dearies!

PS- what I am listening to-Tasha Cobbs-greater and Jekalyn Carr-greater is coming. Awesome I tell you!


19 comments on “Greater Is Coming!

  1. Whoop-Whoop! Let there be greatness and there was me!…For the Lord’ll increase your greatness.(Psalm 75:6) Bikonu, is it humanly logical to increase greatness? But no, our God can’t do small or earthly ratified measures by His very nature.

    Greater darling! We ain’t seen nothing yet!…Those scriptures you made a screenshot of?absolutely bankable!

    Cheers to incredible, mindblowing, phenomenal, INCREASED, uberresplendent GREATNESS!!!!!


    • Cheers to incredible, mindblowing,
      phenomenal, INCREASED,
      uberresplendent GREATNESS!!!!! – I am clinking my e-glass to this right now.
      And your comment just spurred me more to the high heavens right now,yes it did!
      I know I’ll definitely be reading and re-reading this post + your comment in the course of the year.Thanks Lizzie…


  2. Amen! I so love the fact that I can stop for a minute and realise that there are greater things coming. It also encourages me to dream big. After all, no matter how huge my dream is, He’s gonna do greater. Happy new year, darling


    • See Tomiwa- “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”-Eph 3:20
      Yes He can! We’ll dream it,we’ll work towards it and He’ll do even more than that,yes God will!


  3. See Tomiwa- “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”-Eph 3:20
    Yes He can! We’ll dream it,we’ll work towards it and He’ll do even more than that,yes God will!
    Happy New Year,thank you so much…


  4. GREATER! GREATER! GREATER……………………#kabashatalaga#
    I see Greater…there’s so much to do by God’s spirit this year. Its gonna be called GREAT as He (God Himself) will magnify them in the eyes of others. Today….This week, This Month… This Year…..will just be the true definition of greatness for us all.
    I know it and you know it too. I’m soo excited….your post is just God’s word for me.
    Thanks Frances


  5. Yeah!!! Greater works…
    He’ll say…”What do you think you’ve seen that’s too big? Look!, I have greater things in store for you my daughter, learn to keep trusting me, ok?”

    Tasha Cobbs ‘greater’ download already in process

    Have a fruitful and blissful 2014 dear frances


  6. Yes, I bet our Father’s looking at us while we are in awe of the seemingly big things we see now and He’s laughing. I can just hear Him saying “forget it all,there’s more in store my child,I aint started with you yet,greater things are coming”…
    Thanks Ujesta, let’s walk in our greater 2014 together!


  7. Our God is a great God!
    He promises us greatness,
    He promises us ‘greaterness’,
    yesterday, people look us with a ‘small eye’,
    today, they look up to us with ‘big eye’,
    tommorow, when God is done,
    they’ll look up up to us with a bigger eye.

    Our Daddy (He is our daddy, remember, Eloxie’s pos),
    He has promised us greaness,
    and He is fulfilling His promises,
    we wont settle for less,
    (even if we want to,
    he wont let us).

    The once shy guy,
    Has been made bold in Christ,
    that’s not all,
    he will be made bolder.

    The once weak,
    has been made strong in Christ,
    no, that’s not all,
    he will be made stronger.

    That’s our heritage-
    slowly, steadily,
    He’ll mold us into a better person,
    whom He wants us to be.
    Then people will see the light in us,
    and they’ll give glory to our God in heaven.

    Let’s keep boasting in the greatness of God.


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