Just Popping In To Say…

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a splendid week so far? I really pray you’ve had a great week as its not been funny with me here…
I am sure you’ve been wondering why I’ve been off the radar for sometime now? Or you haven’t? You mean you did not notice I did not publish a post as I usually do on monday? Hmmm, now I feel bad*sob sob*…lol
I am actually typing this from the clinic, I’ve been on admission since sunday, missed classes but I will hopefully and prayerfully be discharged today(more of this gist on monday) And enough of the gloomy tales…

Remember the post where I talked about going the extra mile? I was actually referring to two things in my life and though I had not accomplished both, I was glad to get good results from that post from a friend of mine.

I was really happy that God used that post to inspire someone but you know how it is na, when your own working for greater is somehow somehow. I was sha still praying and struggling to work o(tis not easy).
And btw, Efe (my friend on the screen shot chat up there) makes really lovely bags, shoes, accessories et al with ankara fabrics and any fabric you want. Holla holla if you need (make the greater things start to move now, *wink wink*)…

So I was thinking I will go to class tomorrow, let me just switch on my phone(switched off since sunday) and check my mails for corporate law practice class outline and task when this mail popped up……
Bella Naija published my article! Yay!!!
Like seriously?? The sickness just vanish fast fast!!
I am grateful to God that I didn’t just dump my pen/laptop/phone like I felt like doing many times.
And remember I said we should determine to go the extra mile that week for something that can make us greater? This was one of such on my list.
If you didn’t fix your mind on doing something then, please read/re-read the post and do https://imperfectlyperfect92.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/are-you-really-ready-for-greater/
And please check out my article on bella naija here»» http://www.bellanaija.com/2014/01/29/frances-okoro-living-a-life-of-greatness/

This isn’t really a post per say, I am still going off the radar and switching off my phone (kai,I need rest) I will give you guys all the gist and happenings when I resurface on monday. And please don’t be scared, I am well, healed and strong 😀
For now, just please pray for moi.
*kiss kiss*

19 comments on “Just Popping In To Say…

  1. get well soon my dearest sister.
    abeg make you no sick ohhhhhh!!
    congratulations on getting published by bella niaja.


  2. Congratulations Gurl…..I’m soo excited about this ooh,…really really happy. You know this is small compared to what’s coming, I laugh in tongues for what God’s gonna do this year in and through you….this is just a sign for me to know that it will be a PUBLIC SHOW of God’s greatness in you.
    No need to say get well soon to you ooh….just stand up from there, we’ve missed you.
    You actually made me comment on bella naija for the first time. Very First Time in History
    I salute you ooh!
    See you soon dear,…muah


    • My darling dearest Hannah, your belief in God’s promises of ‘greater’ to us is sooo refreshing…I come alive everytime I see your comments and kind words,thanks a lot dear, God bless you


  3. Get well soon dear. Visited your guest post on Bella naija and dropped my love in the comment page. Permit me to say that the guest post is one of the best and most profound of your writings. Believe me ,it touched me in a way you can never imagine.Thank you as usual for inspiring messages.

    Oya stand up from that bed o! Abi make I come cast out that sickness ni.lol U are healed Ijn


  4. My prayers and thoughts are with you…get well now!
    Just read ur guest post and I must confess that you are a great and an inspirational writer, do keep it up. Congrats!


  5. chaiii(in deep igbo accent)nnem you struck a chord in my heart after reading your article on bella naija….it was way beyond beautiful…Imeela…well done


    • choi! Presh! in my own deep isoko accent, I say omote na, you have struct a vely big chord in my heart with your comment and with your even going so far to check on me on twitter. God bless you greatly!


  6. Please get better soon dear

    And yayers!!! Congrats dear…there’s more to come!!

    Have a fulfilling week
    God’s blessings


  7. pele dear…I’m sorry I didn’t see this in time to wish you well.

    It is well with you. You’re already better sef. Just bask in your father’s love and come back to share the gist with us..
    Congrats also on the bellanaija feature….


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