Lessons From My Favourite Love story 3

Hello People!
Its Friday! Last friday for rest for me before all the bruhaha starts..
Hope you’ve being following the lessons oh…or you haven’t?
Ah, why na? See it here;
Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1
Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 2

I think I will round this up today with two posts(ah,posting everyday na wire), one post now and the other at night if I can…

This third lesson is for both the guys and girls but specifically written with the guys in mind.
Genesis 24:67-“and Isaac brought Rebecca into his mother Sarah’s tent and she became his wife and he loved her deeply and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother”..

Now, I have heard some guys listing out qualities of the girl they want and the ever present “bakassi” and all that is always at the top of the list… And that’s all well and good as everybody like “better thing” but apart from the sexy thing that Becky your girlfriend has going for her. is she also a comfort to you in times when you need her? Do you feel peace with her even when the storm is raging?


You know how the Holy spirit comforts you when you are in despair, does she do the same?
When you are financially down,when the stress from work is eating you up, when you feel like the world is closing down on you, does Becky act as a still water through it all or does she compound it all with money requests?
Do you feel at peace when she steps in or the trouble increases?
Is she concerned about your well being in times of trials or adding to it all?

God sent Rebecca not just as a sexy girl to Isaac but also a comfort in times of grief.
So answer those questions for yourself, leave the sexy aside for now..

And ladies, I believe we get the drift already.
If you haven’t being acting as a comforter to your man/those around you, you can switch things up now.
Life doesn’t just revolve around only you, he/she maybe passing through some stuff,be there for him.
And we can start practicing this on people around us, friends,siblings,parents..let them know that when they come to you for help, you can act as a still water in time of storm for them. That you can BE THERE for them.
I love you, I love you nor be just for mouth, its also a decision to weather storms with the one(including friends and family) you profess to love when need be.

And I hear the men asking me what if she pretends to do this in courtship but changes during marriage?
Dear men, that’s why we need God and prayers.
Abraham’s servant prayed to God and sought his face for the perfect choice for his masters son and God didn’t fail him.

Stop using mere eye shadow and powder to determine who should be your wife.
Seek God’s face and put your future partner/marital life into the hands of the one who created marriage.

Lift your eyes to the heavens and pray for the lady that will indeed be a help meet for you sent by God.
God doesn’t fail.
He sent Rebecca to Isaac, He can send your own too.

Remember, let her feed your spirit, not just your loins.


PS:Last lessons oncoming.
Thanks for reading, for your comments and shares…thank you.
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Have a blessed day!

13 comments on “Lessons From My Favourite Love story 3

  1. Hahahaha
    Tz foolish men that follow hips only…
    When the real challenges come, you will know that the hips count for less than nothing.
    A pretty girl with an empty spiritual tank z repulsive to me.
    Yes I said it.
    Ditto a swaggalicious dude without faith…


  2. lol, @ using eyeshadow to determine who will be your wife. the Comfort we find in that partner is an important thing we should look out for. I’m inspired my dear. Thanks


  3. LoL. Nice piece.
    Who says Hips dont lie?
    The Spirit of truth NEVER misguides.
    Its really perplexing how so many people today jump into marriage following so-called ‘feelings’ when ‘feelings’ is the voice of the flesh!
    Long lasting love that keeps marriages strong is soul&spirit, and can only be found on Christ[the solid rock]. 😀


  4. Thanks for sharng all these lessons so simply but with so much power. There is more for guys to look for and more for ladies to aspire to than just physical looks. I personally think the most romantic guy is one who has it going on with God and hears Him clearly. God is able to arrest him when He errs against God and against me. That’s swag right there, swag that gets better with the vicissitudes of life. Swag that ensures that both parties have comfort in God’s word through each other. God bless you


    • God bless you too!
      that;s swag right there! true swag is what you just posited above…
      a man that doesn’t just love me but loves God even more than me..that has a personal relationship with our dad(like in your letter) going for him…true swag right there indeed!wow!


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