#We Worship

I wrote this in February and intended to tweet it but didn’t get around to doing so and now I know why.

Anytime I worship God, like truly get into it, my mouth keeps repeating- “I know who I worship”

You know, some people may not know who they worship but “we know who we worship”.

So today, we will be doing morning inspirational drive with a little twist.

We are not going to complain that Monday’s here again, we will not start the week that way.

We are going to start by worshipping the God who we know and we won’t ask for anything… we will worship our God for who He is and the only other thing we will worship Him for is what we trust Him to do.

I will go first in this post. You can leave yours in the comment section.

I am publishing this early too(12:ooam) because I will be fasting today and praying along with every comment that will be left here, and I want to give the opportunity, if you can, to join me in fasting and worshipping today. I believe testimonies will arise from this.

Remember, we are worshipping God for who He is and for the things we know He will do in our lives.

We will worship and start this week with joy in our hearts to the God we know.


#We know who we worship.

#We worship the God that sits in the heavens above with the earth as His footstool.

#We worship the God that is not just an amazing, awesome God but THE ONLY amazing, awesome God.

#We worship not only a God of miracles, but the only God of miracles.

#We worship the God that knows the intricate, inner parts of our body, the one who made us and called us good.

#We worship the God who was, who is and is to come.

#We worship the God who uses the entire earth as His footstool.

#We worship the God whose ways are higher than our ways.

#We worship the God whose words never go back to Him void.

#We worship the one who remains the same from the beginning to the end of the earth.

#We worship the one who is love himself.

#We worship the one who advises the spirit of the almighty.

#We worship the God who remains faithful; whatever we do, He remains faithful, He cannot deny Himself.

#We worship the God whom words are not enough to worship His holy name.

#We worship the God who is to awesome for mere words to describe.

#We worship the God whose mighty power and awesomeness leave you in tears without knowing how to praise Him.

#We worship the one who thoughts of His greatness renders you incapable of knowing whether to kneel, stand, prostrate, or sit on the floor with hands on your head in adoration to Him.

#We worship the only true God, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

#We worship the God who has redeemed Nigeria already.

#We worship the God who has crowned my efforts with success in bar part 2 already.

#We worship the God who has given my brother the job He was interviewed for in in VI.

#We worship the God who has made me win Diamond bank’s salary for life already.

#We worship the God who has made me win SCAD compete.

#We worship the God who has made Jessica clear her papers and given her admission in Delsu.

#We worship the God who has brought His plans for “greater” in my life to pass.

#We worship our beautiful Father, great and mighty king, agbadagbururu, big and mighty God through all ages.

#We worship.

#We worship…


Remember to drop your #we worship in the comment box, along with only things you haven’t gotten right now that you are worshipping for. Don’t ask, just worship.

And please share this post too, so anyone who wants can take part in this. I will be worshipping along with everyone who drops a comment here today while fasting, and you can too.

If what we worship for are according to His will, then testimonies will arise out of this, I feel it.


Have a blessed week ahead Loves.

30 comments on “#We Worship

  1. #We worship the God who has blessed me with beautiful, healthy children.
    #We worship the God who has blessed my husband with the job he desires.

    Blessings to all of us praying, fasting, worshipping and believing God together. I can’t wait for the testimonies!


  2. Ah Daddy, I absolutely worship YOU for my Brother. I already see you working. I twale cos you have perfected it already hallelujah!!! My Brother is absolutely SAVED!!! Kabaye!!! #iWorship


    • Remembered your words to share songs..been replaying Deitrick Haddon’s We worship and we cry holy..if you don’t have it already,you can check it out.
      #We worship the God who has saved your bro already! #we worship!


  3. Abba I worship you for ur never ending love….I also worship you for Eziaha’s brother, I worship for all the girls in my prayer group…Finally I worship for Frances’s life


  4. We worship You King of glory! The One who makes ALL things beautiful in His time.
    We worship the One who has the final say
    We worship the God who restores, who is rich in mercy and grace
    We worship the Glory and the Lifter of our heads
    We worship the mountain mover, the One for whom absolutely nothing is impossible for.
    We worship the Lover of Our Souls
    We worship the King of the whole earth, the Lord of Nigeria
    We worship our Defender!!
    (Oh I could go on and on..) What a great God we worship!


  5. #we worship our God who WILL made everything beautiful in his own time… Though sorrows will last for a night, bought Joy comes in the morning


  6. We worship the one who is God all by Himself
    We worship the God who is big enough to be God and yet small enough to be touched by the feelings of my infirmities.
    We worship the one who says a thing and no one can turn it back.
    We worship the one who is the God of all flesh, the Father of all Spirits, the ruler of all principalities. Means that all is covered by Him. Every challenge must qualify under one of these categories and God has it covered.
    We worship God who is our Father, our Friend, our redeemer
    We worship the God of all gods, the one that no one can come against.
    We worship the God who has my tears stored in a bottle, the one that knows me by name.
    We worship the God who became cursed by dying on a tree that by His death, I may be free from the curse of the law.
    We worship the God who is at work in me to will and do His glory
    We worship the God who is bringing me to a expected end even if today, it seems uncertain, I know whatever He permits may not be good to me but it is good for me.
    We worship for kindred spirits, for sisters and brothers bound by the Saviours love.
    What a great God we worship.


  7. I worship o the great I am that I am, I worship U the lover of my soul, d one who sees my heart and loves me the same, I worship U my Lord, Maker n King, I worship u O Lord for my beautiful job, I worship U O Lord for making every crooked path straight, I worship U O Lord for turning every negative situation around in my relationship into positivity, I thank you Lord because I shall not lack my mate, I worship u O Lord for the saved members of my family, I worship U Lord for turning every captivity around n I am like that who dreams, I worship U Lord for everyone here n for granting their heart desires.


  8. #I worship you God for you are able to do exceedingly, abundantly, far above all we could ever think or imagine.
    #I worship you God for that long awaited promotion.
    #I worship you God for my brother’s life
    #I worship you God for my marital destiny
    #I worship you God for my ministry and academics
    #I absolutely worship you for you honour your words more than your name.


  9. I can’t explain what this post itself has done to me..Yes, I am also a full partaker of this and I can’t explain what worshipping on behalf of everyone here has done to me today..forgetting myself and just calling names of those I have never met before,it seemed like what I should actually be doing everyday for the rest of my life. Scared me oh, but true.. I would encourage us all too to forget self for a while, go through the comments and worship on behalf of names you see here. God bless us all.

    Lord,upon every hand that worshipped You today via my blog,every1 who dropped a comment,evry1 who retweeted..Let your presence fall…

    Upon everyone who worshipped you in spirit and in truth, inhabit our praises..

    Fill us more and more, that this won’t just be an attitude for today,but that the attitude of worship will never depart from us…

    We worship the God who is enthroned on our praises,who inhabits our praises(psalm 22:3) so we can be sure that every true worship today will not go down the drain. That’s how awesome the God we worship is.
    #we worship.
    #we worship.


  10. For anyone coming on here, feel free to drop your comments.it doesn’t end today, I am still going to be worshipping along with every new comment I get notifications on..
    I love you all. Truly.


  11. #We worship the I AM that I AM who with a strong hand and a powerful arm delivered the israelites from the land of egypt

    #We worship the God who alone has the final say
    #We worship the God who’s Word is faithful and true; yea and amen
    #We worship the God of abraham,isaac, jacob, joseph, israel and david
    #We worship the KING of kings and GOD of gods
    #We worship Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovoh Nissi, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Yahweh, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovoh Shalom, Jehovah Rohi, Jehovah Raah, Jehovah El-shadai, Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah El-olam, Jehovah El-Elyon, Jehovah Mekoddishkem, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah sabaoth.
    #We worship the Ancient of days who changeth not
    #We worship the God that can not lie, He is not man that should promise and fail to act
    #We worship the Holy One of israel who neither sleeps nor slumbers
    #We worship the Holy Spirit of the living God
    #We worship the Rock of ages
    #We worship the God whose love knows no bounds; deep & wide, indiscriminate & unconditional
    #We worship the God who gives riches & adds no sorrows
    #We worship the God who quickens the dead & calls those things that be not as if they are!
    #We worship the God who blessed me with 216 in Jamb & has already given me admission in UNN


    • We worship Lord for admission already given.
      We worship you Lord for giving us foresight to see it manifesting in the physical already.
      #I worship you for Emmytim and Bella’s life.
      #I worship.


  12. #I worship you Lrd for your work in Ukraine, Chernivtsi city, for the influx of Souls
    #I worship you King for the OPEN DOORS you have created for us all…..
    Thank you for who you are. My ever present help in time of need.
    You are a wonder
    Thank you ma’am Frances for this great platform to worship this Great God….you are a wonder dear. I love you so much.


  13. #we will worship the God who has given me a Good job and has settled me financially and maritally.
    # we will worship d lord who has restored my glory and dat of my brothers.
    #we will worship the God who has bin my help from ages past.
    #we will worship the God who has already destroyed the works of bokoharam!
    #we will worship the God who will reign surpreme in our lives forever. #Amen


  14. Oh my , I’m late!
    Love the blog and thank you so much for being an inspiration and a blessing to all who read. May the Lord bless and reward you in every
    way and every thing you do.

    #Weworship for you are the unchangeable changer
    #weworship for you’re the mighty healer
    #weworship because when you say yes, nobody can say no
    #weworship because there is nobody like you, no one can be compared to you
    #weworship because you’re an indescribable, unchangeable God, you know the stars in the sky and you call them by name
    #weworship because you see the depths of our hearts yet you love us the same
    #weworship because you have made us free to lift our hands in worship to u
    #weworship you for breaking every chain in our lives
    #weworship for the blessings and promotion coming to my family
    #weworship for your anointing, breakthrough and harvest coming to us at DWC
    #weworship because the kidnapped girls of chibok will be returned alive
    #weworship because peace, unity, accord and restoration is coming for us in nigeria
    #weworship because you called each and everyone of us for your special purpose in life
    #weworship you in the beauty of your holiness
    #weworship for your mighty and unspeakable gifts
    #weworship for your protection, provision, sustenance, abundant grace and uncommon favour
    #weworship you because in the earth and the heavens , no one is like you
    #weworship because your ways are not our ways and we can’t question you
    #we worship because you are doing great and mighty things



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  16. #we worship God, the author and perfector of our faiths…who loved us so much that he gave us Hid only Son…the only Living God…the glory and lifter of our Heads…we worship God that is perfecting his good works in our lives….we worship God that has deposited the manifested presence of His Spirit in my family and life…thank you Lord, for ur steadfast love never ceaseth and ur faithfulness endureth forerver…..glory!!!


  17. We worship you because you are not a God created by human hands, neither are you dependent on any mortal man.
    We worship you because you are not a God in need of anything we can give.
    We worship you because you are God alone, from before time began, you are on your throne.
    We worship you because you’re the only God whose name none can contend.
    We worship you because you are the God whose name and praise will never end.
    We worship you because you’re unchangeable, unshakable, unstoppable.
    We worship you because you are the only God who is worthy of everything we can give.
    We worship u King of kings and Lord of lords.
    We worship you God Almighty for who you are and for what you’ve done in our lives.
    We worship you because you are a wonderful God.
    We worship you because you are our deliverer.
    We worship you Lord for breakthroughs, testimonies, joy, laughter, peace, unity, good health, success, shelter, family, friends, e.t.c
    We worship you Lord for counting us among the living.
    We worship you for granting Bie his desired job and financial breakthrough.
    We worship you for making my mum a permanent staff.
    We worship you cos we know in you our future is assured.
    We worship you for marital bliss, for wedding bells that will be ringing soon.
    We worship you Lord for making us fruitful…for your word says none shall be barren in the land.
    Blessed be your HOLY name.


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