How To Find God

She raised her eyes to the skies, told Him she was holding to His garments.and with tears and cattarh rolling down her nose, she dared Him. She told Him that if He is God indeed, then He must answer her prayers tonight. Not later, tonight. She wept and wept and the cattarh kept pouring down her nose. She didn’t care, all she cared about was that she was double daring God and if He was God indeed, He must give her an answer one way or the other tonight.

The tears

had not dried off when the Mr man sitting behind her, stoned beyond comprehension took her phone. He saw the message she had sent to the girl he allegedly impregnated while he was still in a relationship with her and he went bonkers.
He accused her of spying on him, he told her she didn’t trust him, he told her he was faithful..but how could he be faithful when he had impregnated someone else?
And then he told her it was over.
She looked at him, perceived the scent of igbo coming from his mouth as he said it was over and a sudden peace came upon her.
She smiled.

He was shocked. He expected her to beg as usual, he expected her to grovel at his feet as usual…
But she smiled and watched him walk away.
She lifted up her eyes to the heaven and smiled. She said thank you Lord. He had shown that He was God indeed. He had answered her prayers.

Few people she told understood the import of that night.
Fewer still understood when she said she felt God’s arms wrapped around her.
And fewer fewer still understood when she said she asked God to give her an answer as to whether to stay in that relationship or not that night and He had answered her clearly.
Her eyes were opened.
She suddenly knew that she wasn’t supposed to be with a man whose body and mouth reeked of marijuana, a chronic liar and a cheat.
The weight was lifted off her shoulders that night and the light came in.

She still doesn’t expect anyone to really understand the full import of her experience that night but what she just wants them to know is that God speaks…
He speaks in the stillness of the night, He speaks in the light of day.
He speaks in your tears, He speaks in your smiles.
He is always there and when you seek Him in sincerity of heart, whether in smiles or in tears and cattarh pouring down your face as she did…
When you seek God in sincerity of heart, you will find Him.
You will find Him.
This she knows for certain.
This she wants you to know for certain too.

Happy New Week and Happy New Month Dearies…
May this month bring us closer to fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.
I Love You All, Yes I Do.

17 comments on “How To Find God

    • Ene Dearie..yes they are missing A LOT which is the reason why we should share this treasure we have, in any way/opportuinity that arises and God waters our words and bring them into His fold.
      Missing out is something I wouldn’t even want my enemy to experience.God is gooood!


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