The Real Power Couples

I find myself writing about relationships and marriages mostly on Fridays and I wonder why. Maybe I should turn Fridays to Friday frank relationship talks just like Monday’s inspirational drive yeah? Yes.
And how are you all doing? Week was great too? Thank God.

So I saw Kanayo Dike’s picture on Instagram during the week. She captioned it #purpose meets purpose. I think the guy’s her Bobo. I am not sure though but that’s not what I want to talk about, something else struck me…

Okay before I say it, here’s a disclaimer to Popsi. I know you read my blog oh, don’t start thinking that with all my posts on relationships, the man have come oh, so you and momsi won’t discuss and she will want to have “that conversation” with I just like learning a lot about marriage God’s way, that’s all.

So as I was saying, I got thinking when I saw Kanayo’s picture…
God gave Eve to Adam as a help meet and it stands to reason that for someone to be a help meet, there must be something on ground for one to be helped with.
I think marriage is a whole lot more complex than the love we sing about.
Yes, love plays a large role but it’s more than that. When we meet a man/woman, we should be asking them what their purpose in life is..You know that question in Think like a man movie? That’s not just for laughs, it’s for real.

Where does he/her see themselves in 5,10 years from now?
What do they have passion for? What’s their purpose in life?
How can you fit into those plans?
Apart from the rearing kids, marriage is a journey for both parties to fufil their destiny in God and the one you are with should be the right person to move that purpose along, they should be your help meet not just “love meet”.
What’s your purpose in life?
What’s his purpose in life?
Can both purposes align?
Can you help each other?
Do you fit into each other’s purposes in life?
Can purpose meet purpose?
What do you think?

I am beginning to understand more and more the reasons why someone like me cannot marry anyhow.
The reason why great people like you and I with God’s hands on us cannot just jump into relationships just because…
God has a purpose for our lives- a purpose that can be derailed if we marry anyhow.
Your purpose has to meet with a man/woman’s purpose who can help it culminate together in God’s purpose for both of you.
A man with a ministry in Christ cannot just marry a woman who can’t help him along in it. Same with the woman.
You cannot just settle anyhow, you have to settle at the right time, with the right person for God’s right reasons. If we derail, we miss it big time. Remember Samson?

After my last post to men, (see it here- ) there was someone who bashed me real good… He said it’s not by spiritualizing mere relationships.
Well, I write with the aim that most of our mind sets will be changed but sadly, I can’t force anyone to align, I really wish and pray that God touches everyone’s heart but still, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
But for me, relationships are not “mere”. If I want to court, it must be with purpose in mind, I can only be with the one who God says yes to for me. That’s the only way I won’t miss it.
And if we can’t spiritualize relationships, what else can we spiritualize? I mean God created marriages which are the aim of relationships..doesn’t it make sense even in our brains(not spiritually now) to give the product to the manufacturer?
God created marriage, He has the manual for it… The reason why we have too much clashes is because we want to do things with our physical minds.
We may fall short sometimes but really and truly, the only kind of marriage/relationship that really works is through God… That’s the only way things will blossom, we have to go back to God’s manual for relationships.
The only way to be power couples in God is when our purpose meet purpose.


The true power couples are not the ones living in cash and living large according to world standards, but they are those walking in God’s purpose for their lives-fufiling the reason why they were placed on this earth by God.

May we not miss it.
May we not for the sake of “just because” enter into any relationship.
God has His hands set on us, we just can’t do/be with just anyone.
It has to be purpose meet purpose.
Anything outside of that spells trouble. Ie, Samson kind of trouble.
God help us all.

Picture Source- Kanayo Dike Oduah of

And an example of this true power couples am talking about? Check out Heather Lindsey and her hubby’s ministry on the link below, powerful combo I tell you…

TGIF people, enjoy your weekend!

25 comments on “The Real Power Couples

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    • Buqie love! I’ve missed you oh..been stopping by your blog…there’s a way your blog opens up that shows old posts before the new…anyways how body?
      Thanks for stopping by and reblogging dear.


      • Sweetie’m! I’ve missed you too o. Eeyah, that’s sorted now. Those posts were sticky but the setting has been changed.

        This naija network ehn, no be here o. Been trying to reblog since Friday, was eventually successful yesterday. Imagine!

        I’m all for purpose my dear, i just had to reblog.


  2. Great post Frances! I have always told singles that you cannot marry someone going in a different direction from you. It won’t last.
    I know we will get to know when you meet “the man”, or won’t we?


  3. Wow,…enjoyed this…..I can be your significant other Frances…..we both can be Power Couples… Thanks for the inspiration/jist,..ur d best


    • Bebe Hannah! Naija say we can’t be significant other oh, and God nor gree, and I love you too much to allow you to be jailed let’s settle for power friendships yeah? Or power couples in friendships? Or do I even make sense sef? Frances! Anyways, babes, together, we are pow wow! Lol
      Thanks babes, you are the best


  4. Friday love letters?? Yes please! 🙂

    Purpose meets purpose…hmm. I believe this is where feelings of attraction have to come secondary because when this purpose ship sinks, it will take more than just being sexually attracted to each other to re-align the purpose. Love isn’t enough. Thanks for the eye-opener, Lawyer Frances. Btw I should start calling you that now, hehe


    • Thank you Maggie! I love the name..”Friday Love letters”.. hmm, will see if I can do that. Would be niice!
      And I love the way you put it..purpose can’t jump ship oh, it’s gotta stay, otherwise, even the love will not be enough.

      And oh, lawyer Frances? That’s just telling me to get up now and go and read!lol
      Thanks girl!


  5. I like UR post but…. Remeber that man and woman relationship are not spiritual… They are physical , analytical, emotional, and deals with a lot of maturity. Don’t be deceived. You are still young and sound it when you are older and realize that u need a lot of tact and the grace of god to keep a relationship. You will then be more practical. Try out a relationship and know is so hard to keep two people who are from different background together. It’s not spiritual it’s tact.


    • Thank you Bambie, I appreciate your comment.
      The fact that I dwelled on the spiritual aspect of relationships and God’s will for marriage doesn’t mean that I am relegating the place of tact, maturity et al like you listed in your comment.
      Yes I am young, and yes being older brings more growth but I pray to grow more in wisdom as I learn and not merely in age. We have 40year Olds who don’t know so much, my prayer is as I grow, I will also grow in wisdom-age truly has nothing on it.
      And as for there is no spirituality to it at all, we are all entitled to our opinions and I beg to differ a little..apart from my tact,maturity and all, I believe MY OWN marital story will be orchestrated by God, yes I have my own part to play, but still it will be a three cord fold, God, the man and yes, it’s a whole deal spiritual.
      But like I said, my dwelling on the spiritual aspect in just this post doesn’t mean that I am not cognizant of the other aspects of relationships.
      God help us all.
      Thanks again


  6. To each his own.

    I think that one of the biggest issues facing this generation is how we take nothing but money-making seriously.

    I want to ask; if we cannot spiritualize relationships, what then; is there to spirituaize? EVERYTHING going on in our lives at every point in time has a lot to do with the people we have around us – so how can we take spiritual things for granted?

    Thank you for sharing this. Thank you.


    • Seun, I really agree with your point of view-so far as it has to do with cash, bring it on, we are onto learning about it but for the more important aspects of life, I agree that we can get soo lax about it sometimes.
      As for spiritualizing marriage, ah, my view is all over this post and my blog. I won’t leave out my own side of the deal, but God is in it all the way from the start.
      Thanks for stopping by…


  7. Frances my daughter, bring that man home o. That man that will help you to shine as God wants. That man that will lead you in the path that God wants. That man that will not only compliment you but you will compliment him in all spheres. Frances my daughter, oya be fast. We your readers are waiting for that post introducing the man o. But, don’t rush my darling. When the time is right, no one will need to tell you before God make you people jam yourself.

    Lol! I have clearly missed reading your posts. Stay blessed hon and help me publicise my blog o. Thanks boo and thank you so much for your mail.


    • Publicist your blog I will, you’ve dropped the link already..oya everyone go and visit mayowa’s blog ooo*smiles*
      Dearie, hope the email wasn’t too late, and hope you had a blast?

      This post eh, has made many people eager to see “the one”, and made me get a lot of prayers including yours. Thank you oh, thank you.
      #At the right time…


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