My First Testimony After Akikitan

So I met ‘E’, Tannie and E’s mentees at Akikitan yesterday!!!
And if you were not Akikatanized, like seriously, you were not there??? I just hope you at least told someone to stand in the gap for you. It was awesome!
It was mind blowing!
It was ama-mazing!
It was *insert all shades of ama-mazing words here*

And I was mega happy! Got my ‘E’ hug at last, and truly, E can hug.


You know those ‘don’t let me go kind of hug’? Yes, that type… It was great to see people I had only interacted with online, people I had prayed for, called their names in worship but had never met. Tannie, Bella, Portable glow, Chaimaka…

And it was awesome to get my first testimony today.
When Efe stepped on stage and started singing “Tasha Cobbs break every chain” I just couldn’t stand, I just had prostrate to our God who is God all by Himself and same thing God said when this same song was sang by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey at our 3days returning in the power of the spirit last week was just ringing in my head all over again.
I wrote it all in my journal, would have shared but it is too long.

But this is the story…We have finally completed Court externship and are currently on chamber placement…
First firm I was posted to said they could take just one person and it wasn’t me… I was worried, really worried. I spoke to my roomate and she said there was a big firm at Idowu Taylor and it would be nice if I could be taken there and I said “ok, let me try”
I got there, but they needed my posting letter which I didn’t have as I had not been posted. I got to school and it seemed like getting it was another bar exams, the staff were turning me up and down, saying the firm actually had to request for me. I had almost given up and felt terribly bad-what with all the prayers for favour I prayed for at night.
I had all but given up when a lady just walked up to me, asked for my name and email and voila! Posting letter was out with my name on it.
Now, this is a firm that when you tell people you were posted there, they will ask if you worked it but God just favored me…

But here’s the thing, I am usually so faith filled but despite the fact that i was already posted there. I still worried about it all. Infact, as I worshiped in Church during our fast last week, I said I had prayed about it but was still worked up.I kept thinking “what if?”… And that’s where Tasha Cobbs Break every chain came in. As soon as Pastor Nathaniel started singing it, God started speaking to me-“You still don’t know that everything on earth is mine. You still don’t know that I control it all. You are focusing on the things wrong, not me. You still don’t know the power in my name”
And as Efe sang last night, again it came “I created it all, I bring down who I want, I establish and set up who I want. Once you say it in my name, it’s done. I created it all”

So I held my peace and went there today oh, and as God will have it I was taken.
And mhen, the firm is tush! One of the best in Nigeria,they take externs training seriously, and omG, we get free lunch everyday. Money don save.
#Life of a student.lols.
I am so happy, not just at getting into the firm and the favour God gave me but in what He taught me with this whole process…
There is power in Jesus Name you know?
There is power in Jesus Name, not just in the way we say it… but if God opens our eyes to see what happens when we call on Jesus Name in any trials/challenge/need we have, we will never worry about anything again.

Another lesson was that I still didn’t know when that lady posted me there all of a sudden that God had answered my prayers. I was still fretting. (The things I do that amuses God)
Most times, a lot of times, God has already answered us, but we fret and fret and worry and worry and we don’t see that He has answered already, come on, open your eyes to see it or even if you don’t see it, just praise, it’s done.
1John 5:14-15 “14 And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. 15 And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for.”

Btw, after the sumptuous meal we were given, they still brought cake for us to eat.
Ah! I didnt eat oh, nor be me and them.lolz
Lizzie pinged me that I should not waste all the months of hard work on temptation and me sef, don plan am already.
I will jog in the morning, eat breakfast, walk the 9floors up the firm and not take the elevator, eat their lunch as both lunch and dinner(wont eat after that) and do my insane abs workout in the evening. So help me God.
This Zerubabel in my tummy that’s becoming plain must be totally plain, just a little to go to get to my goal weight….

I didn’t post monday’s inspirational drive in the morning because I didn’t have time (and I am so sad that it’s getting to the point where I will have to stop writing for a while, how do I live without writing biko? But I will have to stop soon for Bar part 2 sake) and I also didn’t post because I wanted to have my testimony to share first- I still feel like I am dreaming, was thinking I would be called out at anytime today that I wasn’t taken but God’s favour is no joke.
I prayed for this also at Akikitan last night and it’s done.First testimony, more oncoming.

Don’t forget, there is power in Jesus Name.
His name breaks it all.
John 14:14-“Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!”

Have a testimony filled week loves.


27 comments on “My First Testimony After Akikitan

  1. Whooooooooop
    I got a similar testimony too today.
    Just worried about NOTHING then God shows up

    Nne go girl. Stay Akikitanized!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwwwww, He is indeed an awesome God!!

    I must confess, Akikitan was all I heard about it, all I expected and morrrrreeeeeee…

    To think I thought I was gonna see you sha and I didn’t. I kept looking and looking buh…

    Congrats on your testimony darl, more to come!

    I saw E too o, from afar tho and the babe was just hugging people. She really can hug.

    My testimony cometh too, i know it

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tell you Buqie, E can hug for nation!
      And I looked and looked and craned my neck for you too but I guess we will have to set a date to meet ourselves right? I’ve got something in mind but it’s for August oh, eitherways, we would see, soon, soonest…

      And Akikitan yeah? Ah, no words! The worship was out of this world,
      Our testimonies are still on the way.


  3. hmmm, I love the free lunch part o, its a double miracle. Very nice inspirational for us dear, I have learnt to keep praising even if I havnt seen the miracle


    • Thanks dear exceptional star…more blessings are coming your way tooo!
      And awwww, this is monday’s inspirational drive too na,may just be off for a while..oya take assignment,read the rest monday’s inspirational drive till I come


  4. Yaaay!!! I brag on God for you. He is truly truly amazing like that. Glad you had an amazing worship experience at Akikitan and I envy your E hug. Okay girl, go show God’s glory at your chamber placement and exalt God with great grades at Bar Part 2. The Excellent spirit of God is at work in you. And yes, we will see *very very* soon. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww,thanks Eloxie!
      And oh,i didn’t add that I read your “God can,God will” at a point when I was unnecessarily stressing over nothing,it really helped.God bless you.
      And amen! Excellent spirit is at work in me! Amen!
      *definitely waiting to see you soon.


  5. Hi Frances! My name is Moyo and I’m an inspirational blogger. I’m having. A series on my blog soon and I’d love for you to be one of the guest writers. I sent you an email explaining in full but I’m not sure if you’ve gotten it. Please what’s your twitter handle?


  6. first and foremost .. u made me speak in tongues lol. second and foremost lol break every chain is originally owned by jesus culture lol *plss note lol .. but i was blessed. plss dont stop blogging u a pencil abi laptop in his hand .

    Liked by 1 person

    • By all means keep speaking in heavenly languages Ebube… and thank you for the encouragement and new info. Lol. I didn’t know that Tasha Cobbs isn’t the original owner of the song but it still does carry the annointing.! Would love to hear Jesus culture’s version though


  7. I had to comment even though it’s an old post, the Word of God is new everyday. There’s power in the name of Jesus. God spoke to me some weeks ago of how much power we(Christians) wield. Ah! This post reminds me of me… Thank you Frances.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Old post or not, comment away chayil, thanks.
      And God spoke to you about this too? It’s amazing how much God wants this truth to spread, it was want was taught on in church after I got it too, it’s kind of ringing everywhere.
      May we indeed recognise the power and get what God wants us to get in Jesus name, amen.thanks for stopping by


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