And We Have Moved!

My chemistry/physics teacher was pretty good at her job(even though I really didn’t have an interest in the subject). She taught us that change is the most constant thing in life. People change for good or for bad, you change for better or for worse, you switch jobs, you end one relationship and enter into another..
And over the years, I’ve realized that my teacher was right, Change is indeed the most constant thing in life but as much as my teacher never failed to mention the dreaded formula for change, she failed to teach us the other important aspect of change which life has deemed it fit to teach me itself… and that is the fact that even when change is for good, it is still not easy. There’s always something called the “resistance”.
For change to be a reality, the dissatisfaction with how things are now and vision of what is possible has to be more than the resistance and it always takes a fierce battle to come out on top of your game and oh boy, what a fierce battle I did fight for the current change I desired….

today 2

I battled doubts, fear, “what ifs” and the battle of a lawyer taking over the job of a website designer as a result of lack of funds and human helpers.
I did learn something from my battle of change though, and that is the fact that we can all conquer whatever obstacles maybe and change when we want to.
No resistance is enough to conquer a determined mind.

So what were the changes I had to make?
Remember I talked about changes to this blog on my Last week at NLS Lagos post?

We have moved!

Yes, Imperfectlyperfect will no longer be the same.
Firstly, we are now “imperfectlyperfectlives”.
Secondly, we are no longer hosted on this blog. The content will basically still be faith based, inspiring you with my life and then, a little bit more than what we got on this blog…
But I can’t possibly tell you all about the new website here right? You have to move along with me to find out…


One of the battle of fear I had to conquer was loosing my followers and subscribers + re-subscription to the new blog, but I believe that moving with me is a small price to pay for the love we share between us not to be dampened yeah? Yes. =-D
So please move along with the times with me to

And let your hearts be still, the old posts on this blog have also been moved to the new website so you really don’t have any reason to still hang around here except of course for sentimental reasons which I am still battling myself… But please let’s build up the new site together yes?
Thank you very much sweeties.

*Clears throat* And by virtue of the powers vested in me as the owner of this blog (or sub owner after wordpress), I hereby declare that this blog is officially closed.
Let’s move the ministry to the permanent site at

See ya…
And Happy New Week.


11 comments on “And We Have Moved!

  1. Mmmmmmm,congratulations my darling, greater things are truely ahead…..I’m a bit sentimental about moving ,but move we must…thanks for the lesson on change..


  2. Ayeeeeee! I’m so happy for you darl. And want to say how very proud I am of you. And also want to say how much of a blessing and inspiration you are. And also want to say (lol) I’ll do a better job of reading on the new site than I have on this one. Much love xx. God bless you!

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