About Me

You probably saw the lawyer in the making (prayerfully Lawyer for real soon) and blogger, on my about me page out there on my blog, and that maybe what I am, but not who I am.

So who am I?

I am the lady who can be a baby, a girl, a lady and a woman, depending on which is suitable at the time.

I am the girl who’s mind is constantly on a roll…

I am the girl who’s favourite movies are- one day, and the vow, and fireproof, and bestman holiday, and why did I get married, and a little bit of heaven and any other movie that can make me snuggle up in my pyjamas in bed… yeah, movies are my favourite pastime.

I am the girl who loves boli (roasted plantain) like crazy…

I am the girl who is on a weight loss journey but whom chin-chin, plantain chips, and potato chips tempts everywhere she turns (I cast and bind them all, I shall conquer. lol)

I am the girl who loves to laugh…



But that’s still not who I am.

So who am I?

I am a lover of God…

Lover of love, laughter, positivity and everything good…

I am the lady who knows that without Christ in her, she is as empty as they come…

I am the lady who wants to scream to the world that “all that I am, all that I will ever be, its all God, its all God!”…

I am the lady who knows that Christ has deposited a lot in me and I just want to share it all as he reveals it to me…

I am the lady who is consumed with the desire to be more and do more in Christ…

I am the lady who wants to live out my purpose in God…

I am the lady who doesn’t just want her light to shine, she wants all others God has placed in her path to shine forth the light in them too…

I am the lady who writes on all things inspirational and anything/everything great my constantly rolling mind fixes on at  https://imperfectlyperfect92.wordpress.com


I am just a simple girl, trying to talk God’s talk and walk God’s walk.

Does the above still capture the entirety of who I am? I don’t think so.

Just come along with me as God reveals it all to me and as I share on my blog…

Frances Okoro.

Camera 360


6 comments on “About Me

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  3. Hi, imperfectlyperfect… a scan through your blog was almost impossible as every post gets me hooked with messages, undiluted Christian truth…& all. Pls Keep it up! This is a must follow blog!


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