Dear Diary…

Dear Lord,
It happened again.
I blew it all out of proportion AGAIN.
I turned a molehill into a mountain AGAIN.
I forgot that this person had been moving earth and all to please me for months…at the thought that he was ignoring me, I didn’t stop to ask him to be sure if he was, I didn’t stop for a minute to try and be rational about it all, I didn’t stop to ponder on the fact that someone who loved me as much as he did would never ignore me…
In fact, to be truthful to myself, he had actually just called me to ask me to “please” see him, how then could he ignore me almost immediately?

I wasn’t angry at the fact that he ignored me, I was Continue reading

To My Single Ladies…

I saw this yesterday….

“So yesterday I met this girl who was so bitter &full of complaints over not having a Val on Valentine’s Day. I looked@her &said, You don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, so what? Some people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day, a father on Father’s Day, or their siblings on Christmas. They didn’t cry to the world over it. Get a life &stop fussing over a man when you are a complete entity on your own.That wasn’t a bad answer was it? LOL”

I also saw Femmetotale’s comment on her blog for me to do a post on how my valentine celebration went and voila! I had an idea on how the post should go…

Dear answerer to the above question, I love your no-nonsense answer but I think your answer wasn’t detailed enough. It should have gone like this… Continue reading

Dear Henry…

Dear Henry,
Compliments of the season. I believe you and all yours are doing well?
I pondered on how to couch this letter to you for a long time,but I still found no perfect way to say this so I am just going to say this as it is.
I apologize in advance if it offends your sensibilities,I only pray that it also appeals to your good sense of reasoning.

It seems as though you have forgotten the son of whom you are and the destiny you carry inside you. This letter is to hopefully remind you of both. Continue reading

Dear Men…

Dear Men,
I hope you are all doing fine and you’ve had a superb day?
I had to send this message across to you and I could not think of a better medium to do this than on my blog.

Two of your kind told me something today that had me boiling in my shoes,but after careful consideration of the facts,I decided to write this letter with as much tact as I can muster and not rant like I was tempted to do.

One of the men said that,a woman doesn’t really need the internet,as she has NOTHING she would use it for.
He went ahead to say Continue reading