Birthday Wishes

I guess if I don’t do a blog post today it might be concluded that “I don loss” especially as I have been off line since yesterday, didn’t pick calls and switched off my phones this morning. (Lily, if you are reading this, I saw your missed call, first call of the day, thanks love)
So to avoid misconceptions, blog I will eh? Even if it means that I have to sit outside the house and in a store to post this (network is terrible here, yes, write and post I must.
And I am super fine everyone, thanks for asking.

I have just been preoccupied with other things. Family and all have asked me why I haven’t gone home after exams and why I am still in Lagos, the truth is I wanted to take some time alone to wait on God and that time was supposed to end yesterday.
I had already planned that today Saturday will be spent sightseeing and in Cotonou or at Olomu rock in Ogun State. I mean I am not an extrovert extrovert but I do love to go out + maximize this my single hood… so imagine my surprise Continue reading

Last Week At NLS Lagos

I have been thinking of the intro for this post for a long time. I wanted to make my “grand re-entry” into the blogosphere on monday (allow me to hype myself, lol) but sadly, I couldn’t. Somehow, I felt like my muse for writing this post was at the beach and since I couldn’t go to the beach on monday like I planned to, I just had to postpone writing to whenever I feel like writing and honestly, I haven’t felt like reopening my blog. I just feel like lazing around, taking lots of pictures and just chillaxing but there’s work to do, yes, there’s plenty work to get to on this blog like all my dawleens have been reminding about… Kai! I feel like a traitor, you guys love my blog more than I do. *covers face*

But I was right about the muse thing at the beach though, I think I’m back in the groove!

How are you all sweeties doing?

I conquered Bar exams last week friday by God’s grace and since I did first week at law school on this blog, I think it stands to reason that I should chronicle the last week at law school so everyone will know that…
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Not Just Another “Convo”

Holla holla people!
Just popping in to give some update…
Remember “The Convo” I talked about in a previous post? (see ) Yes, the details and all are out.

Like I wrote in that post above, the Convo is a Chic interactive CoEd Convo with a thematic mixer that Young Adults (Especially Christian Young Adults) have been aching to have. It is hosted by Tobi Atte, a Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Relationship/Life/Motivational Coach (See ) (If you follow Christian blogs, then you should know him and if you don’t, then please port there NOW, you have been missing PLENTY)

So yay! The venue is close to where I am right now, Island things. hehe… It will be at the beautiful Nike Art Museum & Gallery (2 Elegushi Road (off ikate r/about- 3rd r/about after Lekki toll gate), Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Lekki, Lagos, Lagos)


And like I hear some peeps say sometimes, they say Christians “overspritualize” relationships Continue reading

Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 4

So I woke up to news that Linda Ikeji featured the 100k Diamond Bank win and I am just wondering how she gets her news…lol

Or oh ofcourse, it’s a good way for Diamond Bank to get more customers. Hehe. Anyways see it here-


Whoop whoop!

Last lessons in this series is here and I am so happy… it wasn’t easy to stick to what I wanted to do and post every day at all at all. lol

If you missed any of the posts though, here they are…

Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1

Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 2

Lessons From My Favourite Love story 3

And the 4th lessons is just going to be a mish mash of smaller lessons in the Isaac and Rebecca love story in Genesis 24

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Lessons From My Favourite Love story 3

Hello People!
Its Friday! Last friday for rest for me before all the bruhaha starts..
Hope you’ve being following the lessons oh…or you haven’t?
Ah, why na? See it here;
Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1
Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 2

I think I will round this up today with two posts(ah,posting everyday na wire), one post now and the other at night if I can…

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