Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 2

Happy bright morning dearies!

I hope you slept well?

I woke up with some lessons in my spirit on listening to God, I can’t reproduce it here but I tweeted it though, so if you haven’t followed me on twitter please do @Elegant_frances and check the tweets out. *smiles*


If you missed the first part of this series, please check it out here 

The lessons continue…


I have being in Nigerian Law School Lagos since last year and one thing that’s seems like second nature to the so-called tushed up girls is terrible attitudes!

Like seriously, you talk to them and they look at you like you are scum, like you are trash.

I know this is not just peculiar to NLS girls alone as I’ve being a girl for as long as I can remember (lol) and I’ve been a recipient or maybe even a giver (hides face) of a terrible attitude. (Most times to the guy that attempts to toast me that I don’t like)

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Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1

As at the time I wrote this in February, I personally felt like I had being listening to too much marriage and relationship talks and I was thirsty for career/take on the world/live in purpose talks… But I opened my Bible that morning and the lessons the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see just kept pouring in and it hasn’t stopped.

As at on Monday when I re-read the passage in preparation for this series, new revelations kept springing up and one would think that I’ve never read the passage before sef.

I will be sharing them daily, a post a day, starting from today.

Tis for both guys and girls too, so sit tight and let’s roll….

Genesis 24

Abraham, the big oga who God favoured enough to show himself to, have such amazing covenants with and even send angels to visit him in his house, had grown old and was about to die. (btw, can you imagine relating with God on such a paddy level? But I digress)

He called his servant, blessed him and asked him to go look for a wife for Isaac. Abraham gave the servant specific instructions to get a wife for Isaac from Abraham’s homeland.

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Yes! He Knows!

So on Sunday was thanksgiving service organised for Law School students and the theme was praising God in advance for what He will do. I had no cash on me per say but gave the seemingly big one I had with me to God and thanked Him for a number of things.

I woke up today and the leading in my heart was to pray for favour.

I overdosed on MK’s Arugbo ojo and just worshipped God. The “thank You Lord” from my lips were just pouring out.

I also thanked God for a number of things this morning and what I want to talk about in this post was one of them.

Diamond Bank initiated a scheme for law school students of opening a savings extra account with minimum of 5000naira which entiles you to qualify for a draw with cash prizes to be won.

I had opened mine with 30,000naira.

It was announced in class today that the draw will hold in the afternnon. I had to submit something to a firm outside school and I could not meet up with the draw.

On my way out of school however, I had a leading to thank God in advance for my win. I just started thanking God. A voice also came in to say “Frances what are the odds? Law school students are so many, you cant…”

The answer I got in me was “God is the odd, He is inside you..” (btw, I’ve being hearing that a lot lately)

So I ignored the words of doubts and kept praising God.

I had not even stepped out of school when I got a call…

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Her Beauty, Her Strenght+ More…

I was already done with this post and I don’t know whether to put this in or not but my mind nor gree leave am out, I just have to start by thanking God so I am just going to write.

I just want to say thank You Lord.

I know not what almost happened this night:I went late at night to get recharge card(and I shouldn’t have done that), a car stopped for me on the road, and for the life of me, I know not why I stopped to talk(ordinarily I give them no face), but as we talked, I started getting dizzy, like I wanted to faint..

I just started speaking in tongues and said I had to go. The guy kept saying I should stay for one more minute…

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Shinning Lights + More…

 I don’t really know where to start from; I’ve got so much to say before the main stuff…

Well, I do hope you had an amazing day? I know weekends are like gold and mine was worth more than gold.

I was all dressed and tushed up today for Dabira conference at Eko hotels and the conference is part of my being all chirpy and excited but I am more excited about the fact that tushed up or not, God has got all of me and if it takes my rolling on the ground, prostrating and kneeling before Him to worship Him in the midst of gorgeously dressed ladies who looked like they don’t poo, then I will… There’s no shame in this life with my God, the clothes and all I have on me are all Him. I will appear foolish all over again in public while worshipping Him if I have to and that’s what I did today… Worshipping God with our hearts is awesome I tell you…

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