Not Just Another “Convo”

Holla holla people!
Just popping in to give some update…
Remember “The Convo” I talked about in a previous post? (see ) Yes, the details and all are out.

Like I wrote in that post above, the Convo is a Chic interactive CoEd Convo with a thematic mixer that Young Adults (Especially Christian Young Adults) have been aching to have. It is hosted by Tobi Atte, a Christian Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Relationship/Life/Motivational Coach (See ) (If you follow Christian blogs, then you should know him and if you don’t, then please port there NOW, you have been missing PLENTY)

So yay! The venue is close to where I am right now, Island things. hehe… It will be at the beautiful Nike Art Museum & Gallery (2 Elegushi Road (off ikate r/about- 3rd r/about after Lekki toll gate), Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Lekki, Lagos, Lagos)


And like I hear some peeps say sometimes, they say Christians “overspritualize” relationships Continue reading

Sit Back And Relax!

I was supposed to see someone yesterday. But then something happened and it just didn’t work out. We had to reschedule for another time.

But the above is not the essence of this post, it just got me thinking of the times before now when I liked someone and became so eager for us to see each other that I actually took the bull by the horns and went out to meet them-mistake number 1, signaling desperation to the man, signaling me pursuing him.

This time, things are different.
I read Continue reading

Our First Husband + The Convo

It’s 10:38pm, it’s late, pretty late but I can’t sleep. Even after the hectic day I had, I still can’t sleep so I’ve decided to write.
Friday’s Love Letters is supposed to be up today anyway so let me use this as a therapy.
Why can’t I sleep? What am I thinking about?
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Another Reason Why We Should Marry Well

In the midst of the Holy Ghost filled atmosphere, something/many things caught my attention and one of them was her.
A little kid, a little girl, not more than 6/7 years old, speaking into the atmosphere like the pastor said we should, walking around and praying in the spirit. I could tell that she knew exactly what she was doing and for the one hour plus we stayed there, she wasn’t tired, she did not sit down, she kept praying… and I kept staring at her and prophesying into my future.

I think we have to Continue reading

The Real Power Couples

I find myself writing about relationships and marriages mostly on Fridays and I wonder why. Maybe I should turn Fridays to Friday frank relationship talks just like Monday’s inspirational drive yeah? Yes.
And how are you all doing? Week was great too? Thank God.

So I saw Kanayo Dike’s picture on Instagram during the week. She captioned it #purpose meets purpose. I think the guy’s her Bobo. I am not sure though but that’s not what I want to talk about, something else struck me… Continue reading