And We Have Moved!

My chemistry/physics teacher was pretty good at her job(even though I really didn’t have an interest in the subject). She taught us that change is the most constant thing in life. People change for good or for bad, you change for better or for worse, you switch jobs, you end one relationship and enter into another..
And over the years, I’ve realized that my teacher was right, Change is indeed the most constant thing in life but as much as my teacher never failed to mention the dreaded formula for change, she failed to teach us the other important aspect of change which life has deemed it fit to teach me itself… and that is the fact that even when change is for good, it is still not easy. There’s always something called the “resistance”.
For change to be a reality, the dissatisfaction with how things are now and vision of what is possible has to be more than the resistance and it always takes a fierce battle to come out on top of your game and oh boy, what a fierce battle I did fight for the current change I desired…. Continue reading

My First Testimony After Akikitan

So I met ‘E’, Tannie and E’s mentees at Akikitan yesterday!!!
And if you were not Akikatanized, like seriously, you were not there??? I just hope you at least told someone to stand in the gap for you. It was awesome!
It was mind blowing!
It was ama-mazing!
It was *insert all shades of ama-mazing words here* Continue reading

The Fear Of Greatness

Dear Diary,
So I am scared, so scared.
One of those moments when I am so scared, I almost can’t even write. But writing will clear my head so I am going to force myself to write.
What am I scared of? I am scared of taking a step towards fulfilling my dreams..
I am scared of doing what needs to be done…

I am scared of greatness..
I am scared of greatness-yes I said it, Continue reading

How To Find God

She raised her eyes to the skies, told Him she was holding to His garments.and with tears and cattarh rolling down her nose, she dared Him. She told Him that if He is God indeed, then He must answer her prayers tonight. Not later, tonight. She wept and wept and the cattarh kept pouring down her nose. She didn’t care, all she cared about was that she was double daring God and if He was God indeed, He must give her an answer one way or the other tonight.

The tears Continue reading

A Valuable Investment

So as part of my #fitfam things, I walk falomo bridge to and from Ikoyi everyday I have to go to court. As I was staring at the water while walking by last week though, I got thinking about Peter and his episode with Jesus-the walk on water story. Matthew 14:24-33 (please whip out your Bibles and read) Ok, here’s Peter walking on the water and all of a sudden, he started sinking. What happened Continue reading