The Awakening

Before I started blogging, I used to write on the back of almost all my notes. I didn’t realize that what I was writing could even be shared then, I would just scribble when inspiration hits.

I asked my sister to type and send one of such scribbles last week and she sent the wrong one but today I feel it was exactly the right one to be sent.

Here’s it.

“August 2013

This night,sitting here in this class,I almost wept for the deteriorating stage of things in this world.Women,do you know who you are? Do you know what you are meant to be and do? Do u know that you are meant to be valued? Do you know that your life is meant to illuminate light to even the lives of men? How come you are now this commodity being trampled upon? How come you are worth a piece of rag? How come the men that should adore you now call you a piece of trash. 
O God please help us.Help us find our way and purpose in you once again.Help us find the path that made the virtuous woman’s husband exclaim that she excelled even in the midst of other women.
Help us find our way back to you.”

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