Last Week At NLS Lagos

I have been thinking of the intro for this post for a long time. I wanted to make my “grand re-entry” into the blogosphere on monday (allow me to hype myself, lol) but sadly, I couldn’t. Somehow, I felt like my muse for writing this post was at the beach and since I couldn’t go to the beach on monday like I planned to, I just had to postpone writing to whenever I feel like writing and honestly, I haven’t felt like reopening my blog. I just feel like lazing around, taking lots of pictures and just chillaxing but there’s work to do, yes, there’s plenty work to get to on this blog like all my dawleens have been reminding about… Kai! I feel like a traitor, you guys love my blog more than I do. *covers face*

But I was right about the muse thing at the beach though, I think I’m back in the groove!

How are you all sweeties doing?

I conquered Bar exams last week friday by God’s grace and since I did first week at law school on this blog, I think it stands to reason that I should chronicle the last week at law school so everyone will know that…
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Feed Your Spirit…

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you would know by now that one of my favourite pastimes is going to the rooftop of my hostel, with earphones plugged in, stare at the skies, wonder about God and just worship. One of the songs I listen to is Hillsongs-Lord of Lords. I have the video but I don’t really watch it, I just plug it in,stare at the skies and just worship.

Today in court though, I watched it… and I hear someone asking me how I had the time… Well you see, being an extern in Federal High Court is a crazy thing.You have to go early, stand at the door and wait for the registrar to open the door so you can rush in to get a the period when I am waiting at the door can be used for something-most times for reading the bible/speaking in tongues/listening to music/watching videos like today.

So back to my gist… As I watched, a post I had written and lost when my phone crashed jumped at me.

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Lessons From My Favourite Love story 3

Hello People!
Its Friday! Last friday for rest for me before all the bruhaha starts..
Hope you’ve being following the lessons oh…or you haven’t?
Ah, why na? See it here;
Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1
Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 2

I think I will round this up today with two posts(ah,posting everyday na wire), one post now and the other at night if I can…

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#Conversations With Him…

Me: I am so tired; I just want to sleep…nittanitta
Him: For yet a little sleep, a little slumber and poverty or in this case, low grades in Bar Finals will come upon you like a disease.
Me: But I am tired Lord, I just want to sleep for a little while.
Him: You are not tired, you are just lazy.
Me: Me Lord? I am lazy?
Him: Yes you are lazy. Is this how your goal will be achieved? You can’t Continue reading

To My Single Ladies…

I saw this yesterday….

“So yesterday I met this girl who was so bitter &full of complaints over not having a Val on Valentine’s Day. I looked@her &said, You don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, so what? Some people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day, a father on Father’s Day, or their siblings on Christmas. They didn’t cry to the world over it. Get a life &stop fussing over a man when you are a complete entity on your own.That wasn’t a bad answer was it? LOL”

I also saw Femmetotale’s comment on her blog for me to do a post on how my valentine celebration went and voila! I had an idea on how the post should go…

Dear answerer to the above question, I love your no-nonsense answer but I think your answer wasn’t detailed enough. It should have gone like this… Continue reading