Some Stuffs About Me….


I typed this before and whole post just disappeared.

Arrgh! lemme just try and reproduce…

After 3days of waking up early, jogging, climbing Falomo bridge up and down, scrambling for seats in court and reading, reading, and reading… I am just glad tomorrow is public holiday!!!

I still have to read but I can do without the stress abeg.

I took myself out to the cinema yesterday and Cameron Diaz in the movie-the other woman was just what I needed…hilarious!

On my way back though, I started running when a guy said “hi” to me. the man started calling me back and was shouting “na me wey dey sell bread for you, why you dey run?”

I just told him “e don late o oga” and continued running. Don’t blame me oh, after what happened the last time, if you nor fit toast for morning, na you sabi.

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