Are You Really Ready For Greater?

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Plenty rest yeah? Still walking with the greater mind set?
Yes, we’ve already established that greater is coming and I am a very big advocate of “greater things ahead”, I do not doubt it for one minute. Remember I even wrote about it here

Yes, we’ve declared it, we’ve spoken God’s word back to him but please permit me to share something I discovered we need to do for our greater to come…

In the course of last week, I sent a work of mine for approval and it came back with the “please edit phrase” – you know, the switch this place and that place a little.
In simple words, it came back with the “this isn’t good enough yet” sentence on it and a thought came to my mind as to how easy it would be to just let the project lie there, to just forget about it, to not work on it anymore…
And that’s when the word came so softly- Continue reading