Gimme #5 For Maggi! Gimme #250 For Pant!

Oh My Darlings!!
I have missed you all!!!!
Seriously,seriously,I think this blog is a family away from family oo.
How has your week being?
Mine has been as usual,long days+short nights+read,read,read,but this week has been awesome nonetheless,I hope its same for you.
And yay!!
I am deleting Thursday from the week so today is friday to me,Its weekend baby!*dancing around*

Abeg,Let me come back to the matter before I dance go…
As you well know,today is Thursday Talk-Talk,and the subject matter is… Continue reading

Empty Brained? Chicken Brained? Fish Brained???

I was on my normal blog rolls when I saw an article on (Pastor M’s Blog,if you don’t know it,better port there right now.)
It spoke to me so profoundly.
It met me right at the point where I needed it the most.
At the same moment I was taken back to numerous conversations I’ve had with friends and acquaintances alike.All revolving around READING.

Stick with me for a moment,I’ll explain. Continue reading

Cheating And Other Stories…

Hello Sweeries! How’s your week being? I am super excited today,TGIF!!! No work,no waking up at 5 to jog,I can laze about in bed…*Dancing around*

Ehen,before I get carried away,let’s get down to what I have for you guys.
I presume you’ve watched Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too” Sequel to the first part??
Huh?you haven’t?I aint giving you no review,go and download and watch.

Now,Angela is a character in the movie,she was married to Marcus.And they are always,always at each other’s throats.
Dianne(another character in the movie) asked her friends how you really know Continue reading

What Happens Thereafter???

Today a terrible tragedy happened in Nigeria.A Private Plane conveying the remains of late Former Governor of Ondo State Olusegun Agagu crashed in Mafoluku,Oshodi-Isolo Lagos.The plane was reportedly carrying 20passengers on board and as at this evening,9bodies had been recovered and the total number of casualties are yet to be released.
In a cruel twist of co-incedence or not(I am not sure),I also watched “My Sister’s Keeper” today. Continue reading