Pathway To A Great Marital Life

So my roomate is a very funny girl. She regales us in the room with these crazy stories of her toasters..
For example, there was one guy that said he wanted to marry her and the guy was flashing her like no man’s business. One day, she just picked up her phone to call him, with no laugh on her face and speaking with serious passion, she said – “why are you always flashing me na, is this the way they do relationships? Why? Why?”
I just started laughing uncontrollably when I heard that. Kai!
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Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1

As at the time I wrote this in February, I personally felt like I had being listening to too much marriage and relationship talks and I was thirsty for career/take on the world/live in purpose talks… But I opened my Bible that morning and the lessons the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see just kept pouring in and it hasn’t stopped.

As at on Monday when I re-read the passage in preparation for this series, new revelations kept springing up and one would think that I’ve never read the passage before sef.

I will be sharing them daily, a post a day, starting from today.

Tis for both guys and girls too, so sit tight and let’s roll….

Genesis 24

Abraham, the big oga who God favoured enough to show himself to, have such amazing covenants with and even send angels to visit him in his house, had grown old and was about to die. (btw, can you imagine relating with God on such a paddy level? But I digress)

He called his servant, blessed him and asked him to go look for a wife for Isaac. Abraham gave the servant specific instructions to get a wife for Isaac from Abraham’s homeland.

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To My Single Ladies…

I saw this yesterday….

“So yesterday I met this girl who was so bitter &full of complaints over not having a Val on Valentine’s Day. I looked@her &said, You don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, so what? Some people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day, a father on Father’s Day, or their siblings on Christmas. They didn’t cry to the world over it. Get a life &stop fussing over a man when you are a complete entity on your own.That wasn’t a bad answer was it? LOL”

I also saw Femmetotale’s comment on her blog for me to do a post on how my valentine celebration went and voila! I had an idea on how the post should go…

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