Sit Back And Relax!

I was supposed to see someone yesterday. But then something happened and it just didn’t work out. We had to reschedule for another time.

But the above is not the essence of this post, it just got me thinking of the times before now when I liked someone and became so eager for us to see each other that I actually took the bull by the horns and went out to meet them-mistake number 1, signaling desperation to the man, signaling me pursuing him.

This time, things are different.
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While You Wait…

Hello,Hello Dearies!
How’s your week being?
Kai! Mine has been crazily busy,stressful and everyting Lagos law school is known for!
NLS Lagos really ready for us.Abeg expect my post on Saturday on NLS,you’ll get the full gist then.

Today I want to share with you all (esp the Ladies) something I wrote a while back. Continue reading