Birthday Wishes

I guess if I don’t do a blog post today it might be concluded that “I don loss” especially as I have been off line since yesterday, didn’t pick calls and switched off my phones this morning. (Lily, if you are reading this, I saw your missed call, first call of the day, thanks love)
So to avoid misconceptions, blog I will eh? Even if it means that I have to sit outside the house and in a store to post this (network is terrible here, yes, write and post I must.
And I am super fine everyone, thanks for asking.

I have just been preoccupied with other things. Family and all have asked me why I haven’t gone home after exams and why I am still in Lagos, the truth is I wanted to take some time alone to wait on God and that time was supposed to end yesterday.
I had already planned that today Saturday will be spent sightseeing and in Cotonou or at Olomu rock in Ogun State. I mean I am not an extrovert extrovert but I do love to go out + maximize this my single hood… so imagine my surprise Continue reading