To My Single Ladies…

I saw this yesterday….

“So yesterday I met this girl who was so bitter &full of complaints over not having a Val on Valentine’s Day. I looked@her &said, You don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, so what? Some people don’t have a mother on Mother’s Day, a father on Father’s Day, or their siblings on Christmas. They didn’t cry to the world over it. Get a life &stop fussing over a man when you are a complete entity on your own.That wasn’t a bad answer was it? LOL”

I also saw Femmetotale’s comment on her blog for me to do a post on how my valentine celebration went and voila! I had an idea on how the post should go…

Dear answerer to the above question, I love your no-nonsense answer but I think your answer wasn’t detailed enough. It should have gone like this… Continue reading

Can That Someone Be You?

Ah! What an amazing day!

My sweetie, Bisi...

My sweetie, Bisi…

Firstly, this is me saying congratulations to all my personal persons who just passed out of NYSC! I am very certain that for everyone connected to me, this is just the ‘start of the overflow of God’s blessings in your lives.

See this testimony from my mama mia Toju Oki?

Employed b4 POP! Thank you Jesus for a wonderful service year…Better things 2 come  ijn,amen!’

God has not even started with you all yet, just wait and see His glorious plans come to fruition in your life.

To our own FAB E, my mama mia Toju, my very own sweetie, Abisola, Ogbore Tega, Toju Ajuyah, Mazi Nwose Nome…only GREATER  thing are allowed in your life from here on out in Jesus Name, amen.


What I really feel on this day of love is gratitude-gratitude to God from the depths of my heart…the reason why? Of course I’ll share with you. Continue reading

Can We Make This Month Of Love Different?

I’ve being planning to write this post for like ever. Inspiration comes while I am in the bathroom and goes when I rush off for class with the law textbooks till 4pm and of course I just have to steal some sleep after that before group meeting at 6pm and reading again….You know how it goes….bla bla bla… Anyhoos, how have you guys been? I am presuming you all are splendidly awesome because that makes me feel better…. Ehen, I heard Valentine’s Day is this Friday o, hian!Val's day 2013...

Val’s day 2013

The matter ehn, I haven’t been on BBM but I know that Facebook has been awash with the boyfriend/girlfriend and this gift and that, including the plans to break up…

val breakup

I spoke to a friend recently about something I am working on for February 15th. In the course of our discussion she told me Continue reading