A Valuable Investment

So as part of my #fitfam things, I walk falomo bridge to and from Ikoyi everyday I have to go to court. As I was staring at the water while walking by last week though, I got thinking about Peter and his episode with Jesus-the walk on water story. Matthew 14:24-33 (please whip out your Bibles and read) Ok, here’s Peter walking on the water and all of a sudden, he started sinking. What happened Continue reading

#We Worship

I wrote this in February and intended to tweet it but didn’t get around to doing so and now I know why.

Anytime I worship God, like truly get into it, my mouth keeps repeating- “I know who I worship”

You know, some people may not know who they worship but “we know who we worship”.

So today, we will be doing morning inspirational drive with a little twist.

We are not going to complain that Monday’s here again, we will not start the week that way.

We are going to start by worshipping the God who we know and we won’t ask for anything… we will worship our God for who He is and the only other thing we will worship Him for is what we trust Him to do.

I will go first in this post. You can leave yours in the comment section.

I am publishing this early too(12:ooam) because I will be fasting today and praying along with every comment that will be left here, and I want to give the opportunity, if you can, to join me in fasting and worshipping today. I believe testimonies will arise from this.

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