And We Have Moved!

My chemistry/physics teacher was pretty good at her job(even though I really didn’t have an interest in the subject). She taught us that change is the most constant thing in life. People change for good or for bad, you change for better or for worse, you switch jobs, you end one relationship and enter into another..
And over the years, I’ve realized that my teacher was right, Change is indeed the most constant thing in life but as much as my teacher never failed to mention the dreaded formula for change, she failed to teach us the other important aspect of change which life has deemed it fit to teach me itself… and that is the fact that even when change is for good, it is still not easy. There’s always something called the “resistance”.
For change to be a reality, the dissatisfaction with how things are now and vision of what is possible has to be more than the resistance and it always takes a fierce battle to come out on top of your game and oh boy, what a fierce battle I did fight for the current change I desired…. Continue reading